To the Editor:

I am writing in support of the proposed pathway from Helen Keller Middle School to the Easton Village Store.

Just for a minute, I want you to imagine you are an 8th grader at Helen Keller. School just let out and you are walking to the Easton Village Store (or Silverman’s) from Keller to get an after-school snack.

Your choice is to take a meandering path through the woods or walk on Sport Hill Road. I know many who live in town used to take the woods route, but the kids today want to take the shortest route, which is up Sport Hill Road.

Imagine again Sport Hill Road allows about 1 ½ foot of space to walk on with cars whizzing within inches of you at 30 miles an hour (if you are lucky).

How comfortable do you feel to have school-aged kids (or anyone for that matter) walking on Sport Hill Road in that dangerous environment? Would you subject yourself to that peril? Then why do we subject kids to that danger? We are fortunate a kid has not been hit and it is only a matter of time before something terrible happens.

We have an opportunity to build a nice pathway funded substantially by the State of CT to keep kids safe. It helps the Village Store and Silverman’s. There is no ulterior motive or sinister objective. It will not destroy the “rural character” of the Town.

Please support one small project to improve the Town.

David Katz


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