To the Editor:

Vote ‘”No” for the pathway. It is a monstrosity as proposed. Were we talking a simple sidewalk to get people more safely from Keller to The Village Store, well, we’ve done without for decades, but OK, let’s discuss that.

But a 10-foot wide sidewalk? What the heck are the proponents thinking? Have they driven and taken a good look at the proposed area along Sport Hill Road? See the dozen or more Utility poles that will be right in the middle of “The Pathway,” unless, what, we pay to move them all across the street?

Have they seen the land that are now I suppose town or state right-of-ways that adjoining homeowners have lovingly made look nice to be torn up, detracting from the rural nature of our town and the value of their properties?

Look at what a 10-foot wide “Pathway” aka super-sidewalk from Sport Hill Road will require in terms of construction: including remove stone walls, remove fences, trees, parts of lawns, cutting into small hillsides, building retaining walls to hold up the newly created cuts into these small hillsides, look how close a 110-foot wide “Pathway” will come to the home on the corner of Old Oak and Sport Hill Road, and to the riding ring.

Is this what we want to do to our neighbors and our neighborhood? How about that gorgeous, huge, ancient tree on the north corner of Old Oak and Sport Hill? Chop it down?

Skateboards down the Pathway hill, speeding into a mom with her stroller, or careening out of control out into Sport Hill Road’s 40+ MPH traffic? Who gets sued then, when we have a dead or maimed child? WE will have created that mess by voting for this project.

We need to Vote No Tuesday and go back not to a $150,000 drawing board, but to a simple common sense discussion of what we really need to increase safety in all ways while keeping costs down and reflecting our beloved rural character. It’s why we moved here.

Thank you.

Bill Gardella


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