Volunteer Fire Department Chief Steven Waugh, who is retiring after decades of serving the town of Easton, received a standing ovation Saturday evening, Oct. 2, at the Easton Republican Town Committee’s Annual Dinner.

Selectman Kristi Sogofsky, in reading from a State of Connecticut Proclamation for Chief Waugh, praised and recognized the important milestone. Introduced by Senator Tony Hwang, the General Assembly Citation officially recognizes Chief Waugh for: “Twenty years of service to the Easton community and the Easton Volunteer Fire Department, notably serving as fire chief for the last nine years. We thank you for your leadership and contributions to the Town of Easton and the Fire Department. It is an honor to have you as a member of this community.”

Waugh was surrounded by his family, friends, and fire department colleagues as he accepted the honor and reflected on his decades of service to the town.

“If Bill Kupinse often referred to Easton as the jewel of Fairfield County, it seemed to me he was referring to the land, the open space and the natural beauty,” said Waugh. “But I’ve often thought that the residents of Easton should be part of that definition.”

Members of Easton’s Republican Town Committee slate of candidates were in attendance to honor Waugh’s career. First Selectman Candidate Jeff Parker noted Waugh’s service to the town as being representative of what Easton’s citizens can achieve when they volunteer their time and expertise toward our shared goals and security.

“Getting to know the people that we’ve been able to help and to hear their stories … interact with them … that has been an unexpected benefit of serving the community that I never anticipated when I joined,” said Waugh.

Waugh will officially retire as chief at a date to be determined in the coming year but will remain an active member of the department.

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