Letter: Kathy Thompson for Region 9 Board of Education

To the Editor:

Kathy Thompson says it best: “Time is unrelenting, and there is no time to waste on personal agendas or politically charged issues.”

The effects of the pandemic on our children and teaching staff are not behind us, and while our children have shown a tremendous amount of resilience, we cannot gloss over the fact that our kids need academic and emotional support. We must get back to basics.

Currently, the ER9 Board of Education is unbalanced and comprised of members who appear to be identically minded, which goes against the very purpose of a Board’s function. We have seen what stacking boards have done to this town, and how it feels as a parent to not have a voice.

As a parent, I expect our elected officials to listen, acknowledge, consider, and respect the wishes of all parents. Our board members have to be able to work together and create solutions that are universally accepted. Having a diverse board will allow materially assist in accomplishing that.

Kathy has the experience as a board member of the Easton Learning Foundation, and has said she is “committed to putting our children, families, and educators first, ahead of a personal or political agenda.” Unlike one of her Democratic opponents, her working knowledge of our education system and boards will prove Kathy to be a valuable addition to ER9. I look forward to our board returning to a place where our children come first.

Kristin Falzone