Letter: Democratic Drumbeat

Several recent opinion pieces have spoken disparagingly to the “Republican Toolkit” as a resource for group mobilization. However, they avoid speaking to the myriad of such mechanisms that have permeated the democratic messaging strategy. For example, The CT Association of Boards of Education (CABE) is the architect for the state CRT/DEI effort via their “Equity Toolkit” (https://www.cabe.org/page.cfm?p=1504).

We can credit the recent State legislation usurping municipal zoning rights to “DesegregateCT” whose toolkits include “Be The Change: A Playbook for Land Use Advocates (https://www.desegregatect.org/local). Like it or not, 21st Century political battles are now being fought using hi-tech, top-down guidebooks. They aren’t going away.

As someone who lived in a communist country, I recognize the emergence of “central planning” when I see it. It, too is managed by a “playbook.” It’s an insidious process that creeps into your society as you very slowly give away your rights, often oblivious to what’s happening. Suddenly, we are losing control over the three things that matter to us most – our health, our children, and our homes.

Reflect on this a bit and think about how much control you have lost over the decade. I often do, as I recall how my “communist experience” living in Eastern Europe for a year in the 80’s. Every aspect of your life there was government-controlled – your housing, your healthcare, your education, your access to goods. It was the panacea for “equity advocates.”

That experience changed my life. As an American, we were ingrained with an appreciation for our country’s unique “freedoms.” But, I never really knew what that meant until I lived in a world where such “freedoms” didn’t exist.

Please embrace and protect our gift of freedom by getting to the polls and voting next Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Beverlee Dacey