Kit Briner, Geri Gould, Sheila Weaver and Richard Weave feel the Halloween spirt at Greiser’s Coffee & Market. — Maria Zegarelli Photo

Greiser’s Coffee & Market celebrated the fall season in style with a festive Halloween party on Oct. 24. Live music, fresh vegan food and the open market attracted guests of all ages. Many came in colorful costumes.

Guitarist Dan Carlucci and special guest musician Dan Tressler, both of Easton, played spirited folk music, which added to the vibrance. 

 “I’m very happy with this year’s turn out,” Adrienne Burke, market owner, said during the festivities. “The music is going wonderfully. I love Dan Carlucci and am so happy to see that Dan Tressler is here as well.” 

Children dressed from head to toe in their best costumes. The cloudy weather didn’t dampen the enthusiasm.

“This event was something my family and I very much looked forward to,” said guest Alaina Lavine. “The food is great, and the music is as well. I’m so happy to see everyone having a great time.”  

“I’m not a resident of Easton but I love the small-town energy here and the community is wonderful. We can’t wait for more gatherings like this in the future,” she said.  

The BeeWitched food truck provided authentic vegan cuisine, from pasta to sandwiches and more.   

“I had their Moonshine Pizza from the truck this evening, and I stand by my choice,” said guest Nicholas Amato. “My friends loved it just as much as me, too.” 

Burke’s philosophy is to continue to create a happy space for the community to come together. The Halloween party was an example of the type of atmosphere her small business is providing for residents of Easton and beyond.  

“Overall, I’m just very happy with how things have gone this evening and I’m grateful for all our customers who came out today,” said Burke.  

Photos by Maria Zegarelli

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