Swans on Aspetuck Reservoir by Kaitlin Anne Kyle

Prize winning photographer Kaitlin Anne Kyle of Bethel says her boyfriend and family tease her because no matter where she’s driving, she constantly comments on passing scenes that would make a great photo.

The morning she took “Swans on the Aspetuck” she was on her way home, around 7:30 on a misty morning. Noticing the fog on the Hemlock Reservoir, she just had to stop. As she was shooting, the fog was lifting off the water, and she heard wing beats. A whole flock of swans came in and she immediately started clicking away.

Kaitlin was born in Connecticut, but moved to New Jersey, where she attended high school. As a highly creative youngster, she was fortunate that her school had a comprehensive arts program, including photography. With the use of her grandfather’s KOWA camera—a primitive, manual machine that he’d acquired in Korea as an American soldier, young Kaitlin was on her way to a career. She distinguished herself enough that her teachers encouraged her to pursue photography, and she did, attending The Art Institute of Atlanta for two years.

Feeling passionate about live music started her professional career photographing up-and-coming rock bands and their musicians. She got some great material, but discovered that even talented rock bands usually don’t have the money to pay photographers well.

The pandemic has changed everything. No longer able to cover live music, Kaitlin, mother of two children, changed her focus to corporate work, including websites. She also has found success with wedding photography, and with the return to in-person social events, that business has begun to grow.

Driving alone to and from photography gigs, without the pressure of family, she wonders, “Do I have time to pull over and get that shot?” Often she doesn’t stop. But on her way home that morning in 2020, very fortunately she did. The result, 2020’s First Prize Winning entry at the Annual Easton Photography Contest is on permanent display at the Easton Town Hall. If you’re not in too big a hurry, find a few minutes to stop by and see it in person for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

The Easton Arts Council is accepting entries for its 2021 photography contest Nov. 6 and 7 at the Easton Public Library.  Go to www.eastonartscouncil.org for an entry form and details.

Photo at top: Easton Arts Council Photography Contest co-chairs Cleo Sonneborn and Sheila Weaver with EAC president, Joanne Wible-Kant look on as Kaitlin Anne Kyle presents her winning photograph to First Selectman David Bindelglass for permanent display in Easton Town Hall.

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