To the editor:

Eastonites recently received a flier from a group in town that identified itself as “Preserve 06612,” which is apparently comprised of members of the Easton Republican community.

This flier also cited Citizens for Easton as a group that is “concerned about how affordable housing impacts the watershed,” and that our group “has taken on this challenge and associated expenses in their battle against the high density Saddle Ridge development project.”

In fact, CFE is not concerned about affordable housing. What concerns us–and what was at the heart of our successful effort to overturn the Saddle Ridge development–is high density housing development. As study after study has established, high-density housing developments pose a threat to the public watershed.

CFE turns 50 this year, and on the eve of our anniversary, readers should know what we stand for. We have no political affiliation, and no ax to grind. We have no interest in joining the latest town battle over the latest skirmishes — never have, never will. We like to think that our modest, congenial, apolitical group sees beyond to a future we all can be proud of, regardless of political affiliation. Simply put, Citizens for Easton is for Easton.

We are for our open space, our farmers and for our town’s vitally important role as steward of the largest watershed in Fairfield County. And we are, absolutely, for affordable housing — as long as it’s not part of some shell game meant to intimidate our town’s Planning & Zoning Commission into rubber-stamping a housing application that has nothing to do with affordable housing at all. There are long-standing zoning rules in Easton which have been applied fairly for generations. P&Z and developers must work within the reasonable confines of those.

We need to protect our open space and especially our watershed. These are our common goals, and we at CFE believe they are inviolable ones too. They rise above politics and shell games. They’re worth fighting for while the future of our town depends on them.

Verne Gay

President, Citizens for Easton

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