To the Editor:

We all appreciate our small town and the number of bucolic open spaces we have access to. Most of us are intent on maintaining and improving the unique qualities of Easton. Here are the top 5 reasons why I plan to vote “YES” to the Aspetuck Land Trust purchase of the 18.7 acres of the South Park property.

1. We do not want to make this 19-acre property vulnerable again. We are able to preserve the 19 acres NOW and gain peace of mind that this land will never be developed.

2. This ALT purchase will get us two thirds of the way there in preserving the entire 29-acre South Park property. While we aren’t achieving perfection just yet, we are making significant forward progress and addressing an issue that has been outstanding for years.

3. We will be protecting the Mill River and giving it the proper care and upkeep that it deserves.

4. The land will be open to the public for recreational use and can be enjoyed by all.

5. The Aspetuck Land Trust (ALT) is a seasoned and reputable not-for-profit organization with local expertise in land preservation and conservation of open space. ALT will maintain the land and protect it at no cost to Easton taxpayers.

To clear up a misconception, a second town vote will be required to determine what happens to the remaining 10-acre parcel. This second parcel of land will not be developed without the consent of Easton voters. While we have the opportunity, we should ensure the first 19 acres are protected and then work toward achieving the same outcome with the remaining 10 acres.

Let’s seize the day and preserve this land forever while we have the opportunity.

Vote YES on May 3rd and support the Aspetuck Land Trust purchase of the South Park property.

Thank you for reading.

Kelly Skarupa


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