To the Editor:

The purpose of this letter is to explain why the majority of the South Park Advisory Committee supported Aspectuck Land Trust’s acquisition of 19 acres of the Town’s South Park property.

Throughout its tenure, the Committee was informed by multiple organizations and experts as to the uniqueness of a particular portion of the property, the 19 acres in question, and the criticality of preserving this section of the parcel’s natural environmental characteristics. All agreed that in order to maintain and preserve the critical 19 acres, it requires appropriate active management and attention.

As an example of one organization’s observations, in a letter supporting Aspectuck Land Trust acquisition, the Conservation Committee noted that, “Preservation of this area through the proposed acquisition will avoid adverse impacts to natural resources and help protect the water resources and surrounding habitat of the Mill River that is home to wild native brook trout and wild brown trout.”

The South Park Advisory Committee also determined that since the parcel was purchased by the Town in 2008, the Town has not budgeted or expended any resources to maintain the property with the single exception of cutting the high grass once or at most twice a year.

Fortunately, Aspetuck Land Trust has the talent and resources to provide an outstanding level of management and attention that will restore and keep the property in pristine condition forever. We recognize ALT as a dedicated organization whose mission and track record align perfectly with the needs of the 19 acres.

Again, as experts in this field, Easton’s Conservation Commission supported Aspectuck Land Trust acquisition efforts by writing, “We believe that the Aspetuck Land Trust will be the perfect steward of the Mill River and this newly acquired area will enhance land already owned by the Land Trust immediately to the north and south of the site.”

This is not a political issue. In bi-partisan fashion, all three Selectmen have supported the parcel sale to the Land Trust.

Now it’s the voters’ turn to support this common-sense matter – Vote Yes on Tuesday May 3rd to approve the sale this portion of the South Park property to the Aspetuck Land Trust.

John Cunningham
South Park Advisory Committee

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