State Senator Tony Hwang received the Republican nomination and endorsement for State Senator of the 28th District, which now encompasses Fairfield, Easton, Newtown, and Bethel.

The slate of Republican delegates unanimously endorsed Hwang. Easton Selectwoman Kristi Sogofsky smiled as she nominated Hwang, and noted “his seeming ability to be in three different places at once, which demonstrates his enthusiastic commitment to the community he represents.”

Wendy Bowditch of Easton stated that “we [across the district] believe in fiscal responsibility, local control, serving our seniors and supporting our children’s education and that Tony‘s accomplishments and track record are a reflection of everything we believe and stand for.”

State Representative Laura Devlin, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, and Meghan McCloat, who is running for Devlin’s 134th State Representative seat, both recalled Hwang’s energetic engagement with the people he represents and his genuine outreach, along with his tireless commitment to public service for the community. Both recounted stories of leadership, engagement and support by Hwang during challenging times that mattered to the people he represented.

In his acceptance speech, Hwang said he was humbled by and grateful for the endorsement, and thanked his wife Grace, son and daughter, and those who have continuously offered their support and remarkable patience in what his colleagues have described as his relentless activism in the community.

Hwang’s speech stressed the need to recover from the Covid pandemic, noting that “we in Connecticut should be tremendously proud for doing an extraordinarily good job at keeping people safe, but we have paid a price,” and we must now move “forward to a new phase, a new normal.”

With significant issues, especially recovery, at stake, Hwang highlighted the importance of affordability, local control, and individual rights and freedoms. Emphasizing the need for proven leadership, he reasoned for representation “that thinks about moving forward, that thinks about working collaboratively,” providing community-oriented solutions “to solve the challenges that we have presently and have yet to confront.”

Hwang ended the night spotlighting the importance of social responsibility, championing the notion that the decisions made in Hartford need to reflect the needs and desires of the community: more responsive and sustainable government, permanently lower tax burdens, support our seniors and veterans, maintain our safety net for those most vulnerable and lift up those in need, protect the environment, and to ensure that people’s voices are heard.

The election is November 8th, 2022. You can visit Hwang’s campaign site here: .

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