Easton resident Alice Smith repurposes magazine pages and bits of fabric and other items into vivid and colorful works of art, some of which are on view in the Easton Library conference room this month.

Smith, a graduate of Vassar College, who also studied at Parsons School of Design and the Buffalo Seminary, brings an unusual lushness and texture to her work. Her floral collages almost seem to emit a fragrance.

“Some of the floral pieces are covered with a resin or acrylic varnish to protect the final finish. Others are left alone, which creates a flutter effect, much like a meadow breeze,” Smith observed about her work.

Florida Kitsch I, 2021
16” x 20”
Paper, glue, acrylic paint & resin on canvas in shadowbox

The re-purposing of print materials into something unexpected is both imaginative and environmentally responsible. Smith said, “My artwork is a unique formula of mixing happenstance with intention: a deliberate attempt to re-purpose materials I already have.”

The natural world, including depictions of flora and fauna are brilliantly colored. The artist described them this way, “The representation of color in my work is carefully selected from printed images, intentionally eliminating type so as to remove the source.”

The results are dazzling.

A reception for the artist will take place Friday, Aug. 26 from 6 – 8:30 p.m.

For more information about Alice Smith, check out alicesmithart.com

Photos courtesy of Alice Smith

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