It’s just life, so keep dancing through.

– From the Broadway musical, Wicked

Barlow student Tate English hard at work painting along the sidewalk at the Easton Senior Center.

Val Buckley, Director of the Easton Senior Center, became increasingly concerned that senior citizens were having difficulty distinguishing between the parking lot pavement and the sidewalk when visiting the Center, creating the potential for someone to trip and fall.

Val thought it would be a good idea to paint the curb so it would be more visible. Tate English, a senior at Joel Barlow High School, volunteered to paint the curb with a Broadway theme. 

When asking Tate why she decided to choose this theme, she explains, “Many people in our area have seen Broadway and/or off-Broadway plays. I thought incorporating a recognizable theme could remind the seniors of their experiences seeing shows, thus bringing a temporary burst of joy.”

It has taken her 30 hours so far, and she’s 70 percent finished. When asked about any obstacles, she says, “Weather has been a factor that has affected my timeframe to paint because I cannot paint if there is rain in the forecast. I also had to avoid those 90 degree summer days during the priming stage. Also, I had to take into account the hours of the senior center, because I need to block off parking spaces.”

She has received many comments from seniors such as:

“I used to go see shows with my daughter when she was younger.”

“Wow. Are you going to do this as a profession?”  

When asked which Broadway shows she’s seen, Tate responded, “Wicked, Waitress, School of Rock, Mean Girls, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Hamilton.” 

Out of those six plays, Hamilton and Wicked are depicted on the sidewalk. 

Thank you Tate for your generosity, time and talent!

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