Moira Thompson, a Southport native, founded and runs Hope Homes International in Eldoret, Kenya, with her husband William and son Aaron. She returns home each year to visit family and friends and raise money for the non-profit organization, which provides group homes for abandoned and orphaned children in Kenya.

William and Moira have been in Kenya for 25 years. They have fostered five Kenyan children in their private home and have a small farm with 22 children in two traditional style homes.

Education is key! All of their children attend a local private school where they receive a complete K-12 education in history, STEM, and writing.

All goods are hand made by artisans in Kenya. The proceeds go to the 501C3 Hope Homes International to pay mostly for their education,  uniforms, book bags, school supplies and schooling. The organization currently has two children in college, one doing trade, eight in high school boarding, and 10 in primary school.

Come visit the Hope Homes International Artisan Table at Silverman’s Farm, and buy unique Holiday gifts this year for a great cause! 

They also raise goats (you can buy one for $50 and name it), cows and chickens, and grow their own maize (staple food) and vegetables.

Please visit their site for more information:

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