The Easton Courier invited candidates running for state office representing Easton to submit a bio and a platform statement. Democrat Tim Gavin is running against Republican incumbent Tony Hwang for Connecticut’s 28th district state senate seat.

Candidate Bio

The son of two public school teachers, I grew up in Connecticut, attended college at Yale University, then joined the U.S. Army, serving four years as an active-duty infantry officer. During that time I was stationed all across the country, from Fort Irwin in the Mojave Desert, to Fort Jackson in South Carolina. But when it came time to transition back to civilian life, I knew exactly where I wanted to live: Connecticut. I now reside in the beautiful town of Fairfield and work as a product lead for the Integrity Institute, a non-profit dedicated to building a safer, healthier social internet. I also command a Higher Headquarters Detachment in the Army Reserve.

My transition from the military to civilian life came at a critical time: in the wake of the January 6 insurrection at our nation’s Capitol, when our democracy felt more fragile than ever. That day and its aftermath inspired me to become more involved in the democratic process, supporting our local Democratic candidates and volunteering to help get out the vote in the municipal election.

With my increased involvement in politics, I grew increasingly frustrated by the current state of affairs. Like many in our state, I’m disappointed by the obstructionism and partisan fighting that seem to dominate the political landscape, creating roadblocks to progress. It’s time for our elected officials to actively listen to, and legislate on behalf of, the diverse voices in our communities.

I will use an independent, solutions-oriented approach to advocate for the constituents of Connecticut’s 28th District. 

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Candidate Statement

I’m running for the state senate to be a new, effective voice for the 28th district. The issues we are currently facing as a state–affordability, safety, and reproductive freedom–require leaders capable of meeting the moment in order to ensure the best outcome for all our residents. I am ready to step up in that capacity and hope to earn your vote on Nov 8.

There’s no doubt: we need to make Connecticut more affordable. This is the biggest concern for folks at the thousands of doors I have knocked. We recently passed the biggest middle-class tax cut in our state’s history, and we must continue to create opportunities for tax relief to make it easier and more advantageous for families to live and work here.

To alleviate the tax burden on working families, I support expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit and creating a permanent child tax rebate. I will also work for economic security for everyone here in Connecticut by advocating for measures that attract and retain businesses. Economic development strategies focused on long-term growth and stability will bring more safe, well-paying jobs to the state – jobs with robust benefits like good healthcare, retirement, and paid family leave.

Our state has paid down a significant amount of our unfunded pension liabilities, freeing up millions of dollars annually that can have a transformative impact in workforce development, infrastructure, and educational opportunities. We should invest in emerging industries, such as clean energy and high-tech manufacturing, including initiatives to increase apprenticeships and worker training programs within these industries. Establishing public-private partnerships to train workers in high-demand professions will address key skill shortages and make sure people have the tools they need to be able to build solid, financially stable careers. Developing our advanced manufacturing sector will ensure that in the future, events abroad don’t cause supply disruptions raising prices here. Increasing clean, alternative energy sources in Connecticut will also reduce our residents’ energy bills, which are among the highest in the U.S.

It’s also paramount to keep our community safe. Nearly half the guns recovered from crime scenes in Connecticut come from out of state, so it is critical to fund an interstate gun tracing task force to stem the flow of illegal firearms. In addition to interdicting illegal guns, we need to strengthen our online safety legislation to protect our most vulnerable residents. There is a major gap in federal law protecting kids online: the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 only covers users under the age of 13. We need stronger consumer protections, so our young people aren’t subject to age-inappropriate content online–especially on social media.

Finally, for the first time in American history, an individual right that most Americans have had their entire lives has been taken away. The role of government should be to empower people, not to control them. If elected, I’ll stand with fellow Democrats to maintain Connecticut as a “safe harbor” and ensure its place as a leader among states in safeguarding reproductive rights.

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