To the Editor:

Anne Hughes has been our State Representative for Connecticut’s 135th District since her election in 2018. She has a proven record of listening to and fighting for her constituents. Her leadership throughout the pandemic and several major storms has been invaluable. She has been accessible and focussed on clear and accurate information as the basis for solutions that will work for the entire community.

Among her many achievements, Anne has championed and helped deliver an increased minimum wage, tax relief, and paid family and medical leave. She has fought for economic relief and social support for our seniors. She advocates for environmental initiatives that will help to ensure a sustainable future.

As our State Rep, Anne Hughes is and always has been on the right side of history and tirelessly defends our democracy, our rights and our freedoms.

Re-elect Anne Hughes on Tuesday November 8th and she will continue to protect our access to quality education, healthcare, reproductive rights and the right to vote.

Patricia M. Camuto, MD

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