To the Editor:

Tim Gavin served our country as a United States Army officer. Now he is stepping up to ask you to vote for him to serve in the Connecticut State Senate.

Tim grew up in the small town of Canton, Connecticut. He is a graduate of CT public schools and Yale University. After finishing his Army active-duty, Tim knew he wanted to move back to CT because of its economic opportunities, environmental diversity, and close-knit communities. He knows first-hand the importance of supporting our public education system and preserving Easton’s small-town values.

In the past few months Tim has been active in our community –knocking on doors, holding forums, responding to our questions – to better understand the needs and desires of the people of the 28th District. If elected, he will continue this kind of community engagement to help him effectively represent all his constituents.

Tim supports fully funding our schools and teacher pension liabilities. He will work to expand after school opportunities to help parents with childcare costs and to invest more in STEM enrichment programs to prepare our kids for the jobs of tomorrow.

He supports a woman’s right to choose and will work tirelessly to defend access to abortion here in CT.

Tim will work to defend and strengthen CT’s gun laws. He believes no one should be afraid to go to a school or mall because they fear gun violence.

Through his work in the tech industry Tim has become a supporter of creating consumer protection for children and seniors to prevent predatory online practices.

On November 8th I urge you to vote for Timothy Gavin for State Senator.

Paul Lindoerfer

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