Every chef needs an arsenal of basic kitchen tools and equipment: a cutting board, mixing bowls, a spatula, and assorted pots and pans.  The would-be chefs at Helen Keller Middle School’s newly created cooking club need them too.

A group of students created and presented a proposal to start a new cooking club at the school, but in order for the students to get cooking they need basic kitchen supplies.

Dana Aponte, the faculty advisor running the club, is excited to start the club and grateful for the immense support it has received from the community.

“We have received tons of donations so far, and although the club has only met once so far, it was a great first session,” said Aponte.

To help support the Keller Cooking Club, simply click on the sign-up link here, then drop off your donations in a box at the front door of the school.

Items needed range from mixing bowls to parchment paper.

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