The proposal and approval process for the ER9 Superintendent’s proposed $18.7 million 2023-2024 Easton school budget is underway. There are many ways for Easton residents to learn and engage throughout the process. In an effort to provide transparency and accessibility throughout the budget process, the school district maintains a website where Easton residents can find resources pertaining to current and proposed school budgets.

The website includes several helpful documents including presentations to the Easton Board of Education, detailed budget spreadsheets, and a working calendar with color-coded dates of key budget workshops and meetings.

There are also YouTube videos of Easton Board of Education meetings in their entirety, as well as a link to a question and answer form that redirects residents to an online Google form. Here, residents can get answers to their inquiries about the budget.

Superintendent McKinnon’s proposed budget presentation to the ER9 school district explains the process of budgeting, strategic planning and other priorities, cost centers, and much more. In the presentation, residents can peruse graphs and charts, and access statistics and data about the 2023-24 budget as of Jan. 10.

The website also contains sections on the two budget workshops from Jan. 17 and 31. There are YouTube links available to watch the Budget Workshop as well links to PDF copies of the presentations referenced in the meeting in addition to future budget workshop dates.

The website also provides information about the current 2022-23 approved school budget, which includes a chart of each cost center and its respective fund allocation.

The school district encourages residents to use this website to stay actively involved throughout the budgeting process.

To view the Easton school budget website click here.

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