If you enjoy the articles that Elizabeth Boyce and I produce for the Courier on behalf of the Historical Society of Easton, won’t you please consider making a donation through Fairfield County’s Community Foundation? For the past ten years, the foundation has been helping small non-profits like ours raise money on their Day of Giving. The Historical Society of Easton, just like the Easton Courier you are now reading, is an all-volunteer operation. We freely give our time and our expertise to serve the communities in which we live.

1908. Day at the Races at Sport Hill. This photo, courtesy of the Historical Society of Easton, currently hangs on one of the walls at the Easton Town Hall. Your continued donations make projects such as this one a reality.

We are not financially supported by the town. For the past 55 years, we have been self-funding through the generosity of folks like you and our unending efforts to secure the limited amount of public and private grants that are available. Small amounts of money add up, and that is the only way that we can continue to do what we do best – inform the community about our past!

During the past two years we have made tremendous progress towards transforming our office space into a modern learning and research center. Our ongoing goal is to make our entire collection available for public viewing on a 24-7 basis online. It’s an ambitious project that requires substantial funding and hundreds of hours of volunteer participation. But while we strive to make this a reality, we still have other projects that need our immediate attention. Two of these projects are the restoration of Patricia’s Playhouse at the Bradley Hubbell property, and the conservation of our 1863, 35-star United States flag that once flew at one of our one-room school houses. The funds to support these projects and the ones that will follow must come from donations, as neither project falls within the severely limited restrictions of most available grants.

Please give whatever amount you can afford to give to help us continue to serve you in preserving our past for our future.

The Day of Giving is a one-day event, and you can donate here: https://www.fcgives.org/…/historical-society-of-easton…

If you are reading this article after the 23rd, you can still donate through the Society’s website here: Donations and Patrons – Historical Society of Easton Connecticut (historicalsocietyofeastonct.org) Or is you would prefer to give by check, you can make it out to: Historical Society of Easton, P.O. Box 121, Easton, CT 06612.

Thanks for your continuing support!!!

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By Bruce Nelson

Director of Research for the Historical Society of Easton Town Co-Historian for the Town of Redding, Connecticut Author/Publisher at Sport Hill Books