Police Chief Richard Doyle before the 2020 Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event. – Contributed photo

Easton Police Chief Richard Doyle knows what it’s like to walk in women’s shoes, a whole mile to be exact.

On Saturday, he’ll walk again in women’s shoes when he participates in the annual Walk a Mile In Her Shoes event to raise awareness of sexual assault against women and girls.

Last year he won the most creative shoe contest during the event.

“I wore sandals decorated with ribbons and streamers,” said Doyle. “I even painted my finger nails.”

This year’s annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Event is hosted by the Center for Family Justice (CFJ) in Bridgeport. Men participate in the event by putting on various kinds of women’s shoes, from high heels to sandals, and walking around downtown Fairfield for one mile. Last year Senator Tony Hwang wore pink Crocs during the event.

Chief Doyle (left) and Senator Tony Hwang (right) don women’s shoes during the annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event. – Contributed photo

Funds raised from the walk will support Elizabeth M. Pfriem Camp HOPE America – Bridgeport, CFJ’s evidence-based summer camp and year-long engagement and mentoring program for young people ages 7-17 who have experienced the trauma of domestic and/or sexual violence.

“It’s about a message of support for these women and girls,” said Doyle. “All of us at the police station and in the fire department, we try and participate every year as a way of showing support to those that may have been victimized in the past.”

The walk, which starts from the Fairfield train station and ends at the Old Town Hall in downtown Fairfield, is typically very well attended.

People and groups who participate in the event can set up their own pages to receive donations that will go to the Center for Family Justice.

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