2022 Joel Barlow High School Graduation. – Photo by Easton Courier Staff

This year’s Joel Barlow High School yearbook will feature not only the graduating class, but graduates’ furry friends as well.

Graduates will have their own section in the student area of the yearbook, and their pets will have a two -page spread with the owner’s name and pet’s name listed underneath.

“Pet portrait sections have been a part of the yearbook for a few years,” said Christina Roby, a co editor of the Joel Barlow High School Yearbook Committee with Tobias Manayath. “It’s up to the editors of that year whether they would like to include it or not, but this year we felt that we had some extra space, and we thought pets would be a great way to fill it.”

Roby and Manayath said the yearbook’s theme this year is “1920’s Art Deco.” But one of the highlights will surely be the more than 60 pictures they have received of graduates’ furry friends including cats, dogs, rabbits, snakes, hamsters and other adorable companions.

“As seniors, it’s very bittersweet to assemble this book filled with memories of our last year together, but we’re honored to have the opportunity,” said Manayath about working on the Yearbook Committee.

Manayath and Roby thanked Joel Barlow High School faculty and yearbook advisors for their contributions to the club and look forward to seeing the final product.

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