To the Editor:

Commitment and connection. No one is more committed and connected to Easton than Wendy Bowditch and Kristi Sogofsky. I know, I’ve had the privilege of working with them both. And that’s why on Nov. 7 I’ll be voting for Wendy for first selectman and Kristi for selectman.

Wendy has served the people of Easton for decades. During her tenure as town treasurer and Board of Finance member she fought for taxpayers — working to provide needed services without waste or bloat. If there’s a task that will make Easton a better place, Wendy will do it. She always steps up.

Kristi has worked for the town at every level you can think of. Schools. Sports leagues. Library. But most exceptional is her service on the Board of Selectmen. Here she has shown time and time again that she will always put the people of Easton first. She’s worked to make our town government more accessible and to keep that government focused on its job of serving the people who live here.

We’re lucky we have people like Wendy and Kristi who are so committed to our wonderful town. Please join me in voting for them on Nov. 7.

Adam Dunsby

Former First Selectman


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