To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to express my enthusiastic support for the entire slate of Republican candidates for office in the town of Easton this November. Led by Wendy Bowditch, first selectman candidate, and Kristi Sogofsky, sitting member and candidate for re-election to the Board of Selectmen, the Republican team is particularly noteworthy in that all five candidates for the top positions are women. Their intelligence, commitment and 75 years of collective experience in serving Easton makes them particularly well-suited to lead our town in the challenging days ahead.

They are committed to the goals of preserving Easton’s rural character, maintaining academic excellence in our schools and ensuring that we retain local control over those issues most important to our community. While their commitment to the Republican ideals that have served our town so well is steadfast, they also understand the importance in these politically polarized times of listening to and respecting all points of view and working collaboratively with all parties for the best interest of our town.

These are strong, smart women who will lead our town forward in a positive and productive way. I encourage all those who care about Easton’s future to vote for them and the entire Republican team on election day. It is time to put Easton first!

Scott S. Centrella

Former Selectman


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