To the Editor:

I am writing this correspondence today to support and endorse the election of Mark Mulvaney to the Easton Board of Finance. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to know Mr. Mulvaney for over a decade. To put it simply, he is a role model to me. His dedication to his family, community, state, and country is truly incredible. Moreover, his integrity and honesty is unquestioned. As both a state senator and as a father to a young family, I can say with great conviction that Mr. Mulvaney would be an amazing asset to any community organization.

In addition to the attributes and characteristics mentioned above, Mark’s resume and principles are perfectly suited for the BOF. I was able to see first hand his work and commitment on the Brookfield Board of Finance. His ability to balance the importance of the local community’s investments while also advocating for fiscal responsibility and a reduced burden on the taxpayers is exactly the balance that the residents deserve in Easton and across our State. His experience, financial acumen, intellect, and compassion helps him do this better than anyone I have seen locally. His ability to work with other members, both Republican and Democrat, helped to craft the integral relationships that foster good financial results for the Town.   

In closing, I strongly endorse Mark Mulvaney to the Easton BOF. I have full confidence that his character, experience, and unique abilities will make him an invaluable member. I have no doubt he will make Easton proud! Please vote for Mark Mulvaney!

State Senator Stephen G. Harding. R-30th District

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