To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to highlight the accomplishments and provide insight as to why you should enthusiastically support the re-election of Karen O’Brien for the Region 9 Board of Ed position. Karen has served on the Board since 2019. She came on the board just prior to the Covid 19 outbreak and helped to lead and support the high school through a very challenging time.

She has always been dedicated to education in this town and helping to ensure that we meet the needs of students. She was a founder of the Easton Learning Foundation and has served as a member for 20 years. As a Board of Education member, she will continue to advocate for what is best for the students and ensure that our schools remain the kind of schools that encourage people to move to Easton. She looks for ways to improve the school system by enhancing the curriculum, providing more AP classes and supporting a smoother transition from eighth grade.

On a personal level, Karen is always willing to step up and help out. She has a strong sense of community and responsibility. She is easy to work with and has an open mind when discussing issues. Her valuable experience, and energetic and enthusiastic work ethic make her a wonderful candidate for this position!

Susan Slagle

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