Morehouse, a beloved stuffed animal with floppy ears and magnetic paws, has been delighting families and children at the Easton Public Library since 2020.

Morehouse, the beloved stuffed animal with magnetic paws, is missing from the Easton Public Library. Contributed photo.

With his magnetic paws, Morehouse could be playfully attached to the metal bookshelves in the children’s department by library staff, creating a whimsical hide-and-seek game for library-goers.

“We would hang him on the book shelves in the children’s area,” said Kristine Oulman, youth services librarian and Morehouse’s owner. “If they find him, they bring him to my office and they get a sticker. There are regulars who come in and look for him every single week. He’s been hidden really well, but we always end up finding him.”

Until now. No one can find Morehouse among the book shelves because he’s gone missing since early September.

“I overheard two siblings mention Morehouse, and I said that he is lost, but we sent his picture to the newspaper and hopefully he comes back,” said Oulman.

The library posted a photograph of Morehouse on its social media pages, hoping that a family may have inadvertently brought him home. He’s been delighting children since around the time COVID-19 restrictions were easing, and the library was welcoming patrons back into its physical space.

If you know of Morehouse’s whereabouts, please the library at 203-261-0134 or drop him off. The Easton Public Library is at 691 Morehouse Road in Easton.

“We’ve searched high and low in the library, and he is nowhere to be found,” said Oulman. “Staff and young patrons miss him and can’t wait to have him home again. If you see him, we hope that you can help him find his way home.”

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