Editor’s note: The Easton Courier asked candidates to submit a profile and statement discussing three top issues facing Easton and how the candidate will help address them. Jon Stinson, Democratic candidate for the Region 9 Board of Education, submitted the following response.

Profile and Statement

Jon Stinson (D)

I’m running for the Region 9 Board of Education because I’m passionate about helping our students to realize their full potential. For the past five years I have been a member of the Easton Board of Education, serving as board chair between 2020 and 2022. 

My wife and I moved to Easton 11 years ago with our twin boys, who are now ninth graders and proud members of the Joel Barlow High School soccer team. For the past seven years, I have coached teams of middle school and high school students within the CyberPatriot national cyber security competition, as well as mentoring students within FIRST robotics and Lego Robotics competitions.

My experience working with students has helped me to understand and respect the value of project-based learning and the absolute necessity of building a supportive and engaging climate for learning.

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