To the Editor:

I am writing to support the re-election of Dave Bindelglass for First Selectman of Easton. From the start, Dave has shown commitment, energy, inclusion and above all transparency in his administration.

Dave’s weekly updates and many other communications have kept everyone in Easton informed about the town’s current events, issues and emergencies.

During the pandemic, Dave provided us with continually updated guidance based on the latest CDC recommendations. He went out of his way to protect our seniors, the most vulnerable population.

During major storms and power outages, Dave has always been there, on the spot, assessing the damage, coordinating repairs and keeping us informed until all the work was finished. A recent water main break is another example of Dave’s ability to get things done and keep us informed every step of the way. Dave was on site, coordinating Aquarion and town efforts to repair the pipe and roadway.

Dave brings this transparency and attention to detail to all the challenges Easton faces, whether it is budget negotiations, the maintenance of quality public education, or resolving the South Park property issue.

With the help of Nick D’Addario as Selectman and the rest of the Democratic slate of candidates, Dave Bindelglass will continue to provide the intelligent engaged leadership that Easton needs.

Join me in voting for Row A on Tuesday, Nov. 7!

Douglas Bilinski, MD

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