To the Editor:

I have observed Mike’s diligence and dedication to nuance as an alternate member of the Board of Finance over the last 18 months. I am witness to his mastery of budgets and policy both; he understands BOTH the numbers and the story they tell and has a framework of reasonableness in every approach. He is a committed resident of Easton, educating his children in our schools and making his full time home here in our town.

I believe he would always place the citizens of town first in his decision-making process — he would not answer to ideological others who repeat and parrot a narrative more appropriate (if at all appropriate) for our federal government and not our town. He is respectful of opinions and balanced in approach and that’s what is needed as the Board of Finance helps shape the policy for Easton for the future.
Vote for Mike Gutowski for the Board of Finance.

Maureen Williams


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