To the Editor:

Since I began representing Easton in Hartford this past January, both Wendy Bowditch and Kristi Sogofsky have been so helpful informing me of key issues affecting the town. They understand how important preservation, local control and maintaining small town values are to the residents of Easton. That is why they are running for Selectman and Putting Easton First.

In talking with them, they have made clear they will exercise fiscal responsibility to help keep taxes under control, focus on maintaining high standards in education and provide transparency in government which has not always been the case recently.

The entire Putting Easton First team, also including current officeholders Debbie Szegedi — Town Clerk, Christine Calvert — Treasurer, and Krista Kot — Tax Collector have a collective 75 years of experience to Town Hall. That proven leadership is why I am endorsing them and hope you come out to vote for them on Nov. 7 for the benefit of Easton.

If you are still not sure how you are voting, I ask you to reach out to the Putting Easton First Team. They are approachable, transparent and engaging. I am sure you will be impressed and know Easton will be in good hands with them leading the town.

State Rep. Tony Scott, R-112

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