The board held its second regular meeting for October this evening. The only item on the agenda was to approve several tax refunds recommended by the tax collector. The board unanimously approved the tax refunds.

The board heard public comment from several speakers, both online and in person. Grant Monsarrat, Dwight Senior and David Antonez complained that there are no candidate debates this campaign season.

Lou DiPietro and Dwight Senior thanked retiring Selectman Robert Lessler for his service to the town.

Bev Dacey expressed concern about risks to our town’s land and water.

June Logie detailed her concerns about alleged zoning and building violations at a horse farm on Sport Hill Road. Antonez and Jeff Becker shared Logie’s concerns. Logie inquired about the status of the lease to the Blazes for a portion of the South Park Avenue property.

Antonez and Monsarrat expressed concern about the new Planning and Zoning regulation regarding the merger of certain plots of land.

Lessler expressed his appreciation to DiPietro and Senior for their comments on his years of service to the town. Lessler said a Board of Selectmen meeting was not the right place to address campaign issues but reported that each party is having their own candidate forums at which residents may ask questions of those running for office this year.

Selectman Kristi Sogofsky agreed that a Board of Selectmen meeting is not an appropriate forum for addressing campaign-related matters. She asked the first selectman for a timeline and supporting documentation about the actions of town officials regarding the Sport Hill Road horse farm.

First Selectman David Bindelglass said he would publish available documentation regarding the Sport Hill Road horse farm zoning and building issues. He pointed out that the allegations and inferences raised tonight about this matter are disputed by relevant Town Hall staff. He suggested that people with questions about this matter would be best off seeking information from his office rather than relying on unofficial sources of information.

Bindelglass reported that lease language for the portion of the South Park Avenue property which the Blazes seek to rent is being drafted by the attorneys. There is an agreement in principle but no final agreement is in place just yet.

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