The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters is hosting a Climate, Coffee and Conservation forum at the Easton Public Library today, Oct. 26 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The free event is open to all Connecticut voters who are interested in speaking with lawmakers about “environmental wins, losses, and more.” Attendees will be able to learn more about federal IRA climate funding and sign the 2024 climate action statement for legislators. The event will allow for an open dialogue with State Senator Tony Hwang and state representatives Anne Hughes and Tony Scott.

Mary Hogue, CTLCV chair and moderator of the event, hopes that voters are able to realize that their voices matter in the fight against the climate crisis.

“I’m guessing a lot of people are a little nervous to speak in public or to speak to officials,” said Hogue. “Here, they’ll find out that these people are approachable. They’ll learn that they can get in touch with them about the issues they came for, and continue that dialogue. We are hoping that voters will be more comfortable advocating for other issues in the future as well.”

This is the second “Climate, Coffee and Conversation” event that Hughes has participated in. She has also held other constituent forums, including a young person’s roundtable this past August. Hughes emphasizes the importance of this event and being able to have your voice heard in an open forum.

“We didn’t accomplish much legislatively, policy-wise this past year which was a grave disappointment and injustice to our public,” said Hughes. “So we really have to mobilize our legislators and our public to demand urgent action in the face of this climate crisis.”

In a statement on their website, the CTLCV  said, “Open dialogue between constituents and legislators are crucial for creating positive change. By coming together over a cup of coffee, we can foster a deeper understanding of environmental issues and work towards innovative solutions.”

If you would like to attend this session or another one around Connecticut, visit the CTLCV website and click on the blue “Climate, Coffee and Conversation” button to see where and when other forums are being held. You can also sign up for Action Alerts that give updates during the legislation session about proposed bills along with information about how to contact state legislators.

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