To the Editor:

I am writing to enthusiastically endorse the Republican slate of candidates, which holds the most diverse and experienced team of seasoned public servants who are ready to get to work for voters on day one. Voters can rely on the 75 collective years of experience from our all-female list of top candidates: Wendy Bowditch, Kristi Sogofsky, Debbie Szegedi, Christine Calvert and Krista Kot. Collectively, their institutional knowledge is unparalleled and paramount to ensuring that Easton remains the “Jewel of Fairfield County.” Easton deserves effective, efficient and most importantly bi-partisan management of our town from the top down.

Familial pedigree, while interesting, is not a qualification or substitution for learned experience. To suggest other candidates are better qualified based solely on surname and performance on 10 Planning & Zoning meetings is misleading to voters and is a prime example of “party over people” politics. I strongly believe that Putting Easton First means that our candidates must first understand the uniqueness of our small-town government, including the many nuances of our zoning, land use and watershed.

The Republican slate of candidates are long-time residents with children, and grandchildren in our schools. They have been your friends and neighbors and are all well versed with how municipal governments operate. I hope you will join me in voting for the team that values experience over party affiliation.

It is time to stop just talking about inclusion and actually show this town what WOMEN leaders are capable of.

Kristin Falzone


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