To the Editor:

Easton is exceptionally fortunate to have two highly qualified candidates for the Region 9 Board of Education this election cycle: Karen O’Brien & Jon Stinson.

Karen O’Brien’s commitment to excellence in education has been unwavering over the past two decades: she serves as secretary of the Region 9 (ER9) Board of Education and co-founded the Easton Learning Foundation (ELF) over 20 years ago. Over the years, Karen has worked tirelessly with town stakeholders of all viewpoints to support our schools and fund enriching educational programs for our students.

For the past 5 years, Jon Stinson has served on the Easton Board of Education, offering exceptionally professional and steady leadership as Board Chair from 2020-2022. Over the years, Jon has volunteered extensively in Easton schools, and his experience working directly with students helps him appreciate the absolute necessity of building a supportive and engaging climate for learning for all our students.

Both Karen and Jon have already made remarkable contributions to our school boards in Easton, including the development of a strategic plan for ER9, obtaining additional funding and support for students and staff during and after the pandemic, supporting innovative ways to deliver education to students with varying needs and backgrounds, and improving our school facilities.

On November 7, 2023, vote O’Brien and Stinson for the ER9 Board of Education to keep them working for us.

Lise Fleuette


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