To the Editor:

Christine Calvert has spent over a decade in Town Hall as Tax Collector, Finance Director, and Treasurer, and I support her re-election to a third term as Treasurer on Nov. 7.

Chris has become a fixture in Town Hall and has an intimate knowledge of all aspects of the town’s financials from her experience – something her opponent didn’t showcase during the Democrats’ forum on Nov. 1.

Tim Hughes said (not jokingly) that “the Finance Director does the finance directing,” and also said multiple times it’s “best practice” to have two separate people as Treasurer and Finance Director.

He also quoted an email he got that said Easton is the only town in Connecticut who has the same person filling both roles – which is the exact kind of misinformation the Democrats disavow! A cursory search reveals a handful of towns, most smaller ones like ours, have one person filling those dual titles or similar in Town Hall.

Tim’s wife is multi-term State Rep. Anne Hughes, so he’s new to running but no newbie to the game – and if he can’t bother to research info in an unsolicited email before touting it as fact, how can we trust him to properly manage our town’s finances?

I can’t, but one more quote from Tim says it all: “From what I hear, Christine Calvert has been doing a great job.”

Agreed, Tim, and that’s why I support her re-election. I hope you’ll join me on Nov. 7.

Lou DiPietro

Acting Easton Republican Town Committee Chair

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