To the Editor:

I first met Jon Stinson shortly after he joined the Easton Board of Education. It was immediately clear in our first meeting together that Jon is a thoughtful and pragmatic leader. I worked side by side with Jon for two years when he was chairperson of the Easton Board and I was chairperson of the Redding Board. Despite the extraordinary challenges that faced our schools in those two pandemic-era years and the many dozens of Zoom meetings that accompanied them, it was truly rewarding to collaborate with Jon to tackle issues facing our two districts.

I am confident that the Region 9 Board would be enhanced by Jon’s voice. He is principled, reasonable, and willing to roll up his sleeves to do the unglamorous work of effective school governance. The Barlow community, and our two towns, need a leader like Jon who does not shy away from a challenge and will not do things because “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” Jon understands that the changing education landscape of the mid-2020s requires continuous improvement and innovation and will put in the work to keep Barlow a point of pride in our towns.

I encourage Easton voters to come out on Nov. 7 and elect Jon Stinson to the Region 9 Board of Education. It is hard to imagine a more dedicated or qualified individual to represent Easton in the governance of Joel Barlow High School.

Chris Parkin


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