To the Editor:

We’ve heard this election cycle how much experience matters, which is why I support incumbent Debbie Szegedi to remain Easton’s Town Clerk.

Town clerk is a vital position as the keeper of information, and knowing the nuances of the job’s many facets is important to success. Prior to being appointed in 2022, Debbie spent 20 years as an assistant Town Clerk, and not only did she seamlessly slide into the top role, she also did so while training two new assistant clerks, who replaced her and a retiring one.

Our two Democratic selectmen, David Bindelglass and Bob Lessler, agreed when she was appointed that “Debbie Szegedi is an excellent choice,” and she has proven such.

Her opponent? Whendi Cook Broderick admitted at the Democrats’ Nov. 1 forum that “I’m not afraid that I don’t know what I don’t know,” and despite pointing to “years of paralegal experience” in her bio, barely managed to vaguely describe a case “early in my career” where she became “vital to the attorneys,” and mustered “lots of land records research” as her qualifications from that experience.

Perhaps more damning, though, was this statement about the role: “I think people can be taught those skills.”

Can Easton afford to change horses mid-stream and “teach those skills” to someone who “knows what I don’t know,” which apparently includes the breadth of the job she’s applying for?

I don’t think so, and that’s why I’ll be voting for Debbie Szegedi on Nov. 7.

Lou DiPietro

Acting Easton Republican Town Committee Chair

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