To the Editor:

Our family has been residents of Easton for 30+ years, having moved here from the Midwest. My husband and I were active participants in Education for Easton that resulted in the building of our beautiful elementary school and our children attended all the local public schools and participated in sports activities. It is through the crossing of paths because of our children, and our local advocacy that we got to know Dave and his family as neighbors, colleagues, and fellow residents.

I am writing this opinion piece because frankly, I am offended by the negative comments made about Dave, his accomplishments, and his integrity. These uncomplimentary barbs about Dave’s character and his accomplishments of course reflect more on the people issuing them than on Dave. Let us make this clear: In our 30+ years in Easton, NO First Selectman has done more for this town than our current first selectman. Dave cares about meeting our residents’ needs to the best of his ability. No one is perfect, to be sure, but he tries to resolve issues and manage through listening to residents.

In case you need to be reminded, Dave helped expand internet coverage in Easton by allowing Frontier to compete with Optimum in town. He pushed United Illuminating to trim trees that interfere with their cables so we don’t experience as many downed lines and loss of power in storms, he has worked with other town managers to develop a “storm resiliency” protocol, he resolved the South Park development issue by having the Land Trust purchase the property, he has created a plan for a new EMS building that had been hanging out there for years and sorely needed, and finally, created a land trust “Preserving Our Farms” commission to preserve the farm-like environment that attracted all of us to live and play in Easton.

He has successfully achieved bi-partisan collaboration to create a new land-use ordinance to satisfy all constituents. I particularly appreciated his emergency calls after major weather events, providing directions to residents who needed fresh water, or a heated or air-conditioned venue. This was long overdue and less complicated than the delays would indicate. It just took someone in a leadership role to implement it.

One of Dave’s best attributes is that he is a good listener; he is also calm, patient, open, accessible and an effective communicator. On a regular basis, he brings us up to date on Easton news. He reaches out to us about governmental issues, social and cultural activities through his regular posts on various online media. Through these posts, he also tries to “right” the miscommunication disseminated by some residents. I am grateful that Dave provides a balanced outlook on issues so we can draw our own judgments. This speaks to his integrity as a person. He is not afraid to tell the bad news along with the good.

Please vote for Dave Bindelglass on Nov. 7.

Nancy and Jonathan Rosenthal


Editor’s note: Because two residents wrote this letter the Courier raised the word limit from 250 to 500 words.

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