To the Editor:

I have worked with Karen O’Brien during my last two years as a member of the Region 9 Board of Education, and today I write to share my enthusiastic support for her re-election.

Karen has been a pivotal part of our efforts to:

  • Support our Superintendent’s strategic plan for improvements in ER9 and at the school level at Joel Barlow.
  • Recommend enhancements to the curriculum by encouraging new AP class offerings — and an earlier introduction to them — starting in 10th grade.
  • Improve the appearance, safety, and utilization of the upper gym and workout room.
  • Increase communication, collaboration, and community engagement on tri-district initiatives.
  • Expand opportunities for 8th graders to feel welcomed into the Barlow community at an earlier time frame, helping to ease the transition and build excitement for rising freshmen.
  • Promote career-ready learners and high-achieving students.
  • Advocate for rigorous academic standards, while uplifting critical thinking, problem-solving, and life skills.
  • Advance the recent JBHS field improvement and stadium parking lot expansion project.

In addition to her collaboration on these impactful initiatives, Karen is known for her fair, balanced, and thoughtful leadership which is also evident in her other roles as co-founder and member of the Easton Learning Foundation and member of the Easton Garden Club.

She raised two children who graduated from our school district, and our community is fortunate to have her compassion, expertise, and service on each board. Join me in supporting Karen O’Brien with your vote on November 7.

Sarah Lehberger


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