To the Editor:

This is a very exciting time for Easton. By simply voting Row A, the Democratic line, this town will be led by a group of experienced, dedicated, smart, creative, and caring people — caring about each and every person, each school, each acre of open land.

First Selectman Dave Bindelglass started a new kind of town government. Never before were there weekly Selectman letters, brown bag lunches with citizens, increased public comment at Board of Selectman meetings. Senior services have been enhanced, and the EMS building will finally be renovated. Plus, he and his team were the first administration to solve a very important, bi-partisan issue: the perpetual protection of the South Park property.

Just imagine how much more the town will benefit with Nick D’Addario by his side. Nick, presently serving on the Planning and Zoning Commission, has Easton roots that stretch back 75 years, and his family business, Hi-Ho Energy, has been a presence in the area for decades more. Hi-Ho (with those familiar green towers!). As a local business owner, Nick understands the importance of serving the community, keeping Easton affordable, and providing strong leadership.

Dave, Nick, and the entire Democratic team answers to one special interest group: Easton. Let’s support them as they work to protect our beautiful open spaces, inspire our students, and support our families and seniors. Vote Row A all the way on Nov. 7.

Debbi Barer


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