To the Editor:

Voter turnout in Easton is usually low, about fifty percent. This is because people believe whoever wins, Easton won’t change much. I don’t think that is true anymore.

Last year the State Legislature increased its power to force high density housing onto towns, giving developers more tools to attack our zoning, our rural character, and the safety of the water we drink. A bill to exempt fourteen watershed towns (like Easton) failed.

Hartford will not care about water safety until it is too late. I know. I testified to them to exempt watershed towns. They don’t care.

Our Democratic State Representative Anne Hughes is a strong advocate for Hartford’s housing mandates. She did not support the bill to exempt Easton and neither did Democratic Selectman Bindelglass.

In 2022, in response to a proposal to put high density housing on Southpark land (bought to prevent development), citizens called a meeting and forced the town to preserve the land. Bindelglass has complained about this action ever since.

Easton’s zoning was designed to protect the water. That is why we do not allow high density housing. The Republican candidates are clear where they stand. Their campaign slogan is to put Easton first. Their platform pledges to preserve Easton’s natural beauty and rural character and to maintain local control.

Changing our zoning will change Easton, that is why we need to elect Republicans like Wendy and Kristi who are going to stand up for Easton.

Dana Benson

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