To the Editor:

I wholeheartedly endorse my Board of Selectmen partner, David Bindelglass, for re-election as our first selectman. He has proven to be a dedicated, thoughtful, intelligent, and compassionate leader. And for David to continue to be so effective, Easton needs Nick D’Addario at his side. Nick is a young, bright, hardworking voice with a record of leadership and a history of community involvement.

They can’t do it alone, however. David and Nick need the Democratic slate to be elected with them. Only then will our town have the leadership in place to prioritize and protect what we love about Easton. They won’t be beholden to fringe elements promoting extremist agendas like book banning.

Remember that municipal elections recently have been decided by as little as one vote! So, even if you feel your vote doesn’t matter at the state or national level, boy howdy it sure matters here in Easton! Make a plan to vote by or on Nov. 7.

Art Laske and Mike Gutowski deserve to be returned to the Board of Finance. Let’s reject the team running the guy who proposed eliminating our Park and Recreation budget.

Karen O’Brien and Jon Stinson belong on the Region 9 Board. Karen has earned re-election and Jon seeks to move his impressive skill set from the local board to the Region 9 board.

Leny Wallen Friedman, Scott Charmoy, Whendi Cook Broderick, and Tim Hughes need your support too.
Vote Row A on Nov. 7!

Selectman Bob Lessler


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