To the Editor:

Election Day, November 7th is almost here. The Democratic Party is presenting an outstanding group of candidates dedicated to serving you and the Town of Easton and they deserve your vote. 

You likely have read letters providing the candidates’ qualifications.  All these candidates have one thing in common. They have our First Selectman, Dave Bindelglass, as their example of how to serve you.

Leadership matters – Dave has engaged with people on all sides of an issue, listen to what they have to say, and, as a result, made fully informed decisions on matters facing the Town. He has demonstrated leadership and courage in tackling difficult issues like resolving the South Park Property situation.

Experience matters – In four years as our First Selectmen, Bindelglass has demonstrated a balanced and thoughtful approach to all aspects of town management. 

Communications matter – With weekly Friday messages, Dave has kept us all informed and current about events occurring in town and the status of issues facing our Town. 

I urge you to vote for Dave Bindelglass for First Selectman, his running mate for Selectman, Nick D’Addario, Art Laske and Mike Gutowski for Board of Finance, and all the other talented Democratic candidates. 

Vote Row A for yourself, your children, and your neighbors. Thank you.

Paul Lindoerfer


John Cunningham


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