What’s in a Flag?

The stars and stripes have evolved into so many different iterations and incarnations that one can find them everywhere and on everything. The first flag surge I can recall is post-September 11, 2001. Flags began to pop up on cars and trucks, highway overpasses and on almost every Continue reading “What’s in a Flag?”

The Flag: For Country or Self?

As many did after the 9/11 attacks, my husband, Dave, and I hung an American flag on our front door. We were proud and emotional in this show of solidarity and love of country. It was particularly meaningful as the flag had belonged to Anthony Sylvestro, Dave’s father, a World War Continue reading “The Flag: For Country or Self?”

Flag Display Projects Feeling of Unity

In driving home in Easton I came upon this striking image of a large American flag,  at least 10 feet in size, flying in the wind. It stopped me in my tracks.

What a beautiful sight. It’s on the corner of Sunset and Beers roads. The homeowner is adding a powerful message of strength Continue reading “Flag Display Projects Feeling of Unity”