Year in Review 2020: November Election

Voters in Easton and across America turned out in record numbers for the Nov. 3 Presidential Election. They cast an unprecedented number of absentee ballots, which states sanctioned to keep people safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Voters also showed up at the polls.

Area Continue reading “Year in Review 2020: November Election”

Letter: Re-elect Rep. Anne Hughes

To the Editor:

Integrity. Compassion. Selfless. Determined. The leadership of Anne Hughes.

In these uncertain times, it’s her kindness: Anne Hughes personally delivers PPE to places in need. It’s her moral integrity. She speaks up on racial injustice and unites the community on a Continue reading “Letter: Re-elect Rep. Anne Hughes”

What Matters Most to Easton: Anne Hughes Responds

1. What do you believe is the single most important issue facing Easton voters and why? 

Accountability is the most important issue facing voters. Government must be accountable during COVID and the pandemic recession, adding these urgent challenges to existing issues that demand Continue reading “What Matters Most to Easton: Anne Hughes Responds”

Letter: Anne Hughes Fights for Us

To the Editor:

I’m voting to reelect Anne Hughes State Representative for Easton, Weston, and Redding because she works tirelessly on issues that serve our needs. For years our sylvan towns have experienced extensive power outages during increasingly severe storms resulting in Continue reading “Letter: Anne Hughes Fights for Us”

Anne Hughes Candidate Statement: Working Toward Solutions Together

Among my greatest joys as the state representative serving Easton, Weston, and Redding, is simply spending time in the district — so spectacular during this peak foliage season- — meeting new neighbors for the first time and renewing old friendships.

During these past two years, Continue reading “Anne Hughes Candidate Statement: Working Toward Solutions Together”

Letter: Vote Anne Hughes for Decency, Honesty, and Integrity

To the Editor:

In 2018 Anne Hughes handily won the 135th seat from an incumbent of the opposite party. She’s since worked tirelessly on our behalf.

I notice the campaign mailings of the 2020 Republican candidate for that seat, John Shaban, rely heavily on personally attacking Continue reading “Letter: Vote Anne Hughes for Decency, Honesty, and Integrity”

Letter: Anne Hughes for State Representative D-135th

To the Editor:

Anne is a problem solver accessible to ALL her constituents. Whether it is checking in on seniors with health care or tax relief issues, providing PPE to those who need it, or helping people save money on energy, Anne works hard to provide resources to those in need. Continue reading “Letter: Anne Hughes for State Representative D-135th”

Letter: Re-Elect Anne Hughes State Rep D-135

To the Editor:

With the SCOTUS vote looming, Anne Hughes is needed in Hartford more than ever. She’s a dedicated leader and proven change agent finding creative solutions to the most painful issues we’ve ever faced. When COVID hit and we needed PPE, she led a response team to make Continue reading “Letter: Re-Elect Anne Hughes State Rep D-135”

Letter: Anne Hughes Endorsement

To the Editor:

Tenacity. That’s the word to describe our fearless state representative, Anne Hughes. She is that most unusual elected official who always fights for what she believes in; who is always working hard for her constituents.

That’s true whether it’s high-profile action Continue reading “Letter: Anne Hughes Endorsement”

Letter: Re-Elect State Rep. Anne Hughes, D-135

To the Editor:

I am in support of Anne Hughes for re-election to the 135th District. We need leaders who listen to the quietest voices in the room. As a social worker and from thousands of conversations she has had with constituents, Anne knows that people whose lives are most Continue reading “Letter: Re-Elect State Rep. Anne Hughes, D-135”