Column: The Myth of American Democracy

A democracy is a political system in which citizens of a town, city, state, or nation choose their leaders according to which candidates get the most votes. The vote by each citizen carries the same weight in determining which candidate wins the contest. As the November elections Continue reading “Column: The Myth of American Democracy”

Column: Election Day Reflections

Ulysses S. Grant was a great general and a mediocre president. After the abysmal performance by Andrew Johnson, the vice-president under Abraham Lincoln who served out the four years for which Lincoln had been elected, Americans wanted an unequivocally decisive leader to get the Continue reading “Column: Election Day Reflections”

Column: War Crimes

The U.S. and the Ukraine have much in common.  Both countries declared themselves independent of powerful nations that previously occupied and controlled them. They both faced military invasions as a consequence of their claims of independence. They both had numerous inhabitants that Continue reading “Column: War Crimes”

Kill The Whale

An estimated 127,000 Russian troops and thousands of tanks, artillery pieces, armored personnel carriers, and war planes are in place along three of the Ukraine’s four borders. By the time you read this piece, these Russians may have already invaded the Ukraine and incorporated it Continue reading “Kill The Whale”

Pioneers of Liberty: Easton’s Soldiers in Connecticut’s 29th Colored Regiment

At the edge of the New Haven harbor in Fair Haven sits Criscuolo Park. Sports fields and playgrounds now occupy what was once a bustling port area where the Quinnipiac and Mill Rivers meet. While there is no trace of the Civil War training camp that existed at this spot, since 2008, Continue reading “Pioneers of Liberty: Easton’s Soldiers in Connecticut’s 29th Colored Regiment”

Finding Private Lyon

Presented by the Historical Society of Easton

Research for this article began over two years ago when I learned of an Easton Civil War soldier who perished while being held captive as a prisoner of war in a Confederate prison camp. My quest to discover more about Private Olius Continue reading “Finding Private Lyon”