Column: ‘Shop Windows’ by Tom Rudne Photo Exhibit

Disturbing and Deeply Rewarding!

The depth of vision expressed in Tom Rudne’s exhibition of photographs currently on view at the Easton Public Library offers a fascinating journey through shop windows to images that stare right back at you. It’s a trip not to be taken lightly.

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A Tribute to Jerry Garcia

In August of 1995, I was walking through the giant oak grove at my graduate school in Western Pennsylvania, and there was a huge speaker in front of the library blasting the Grateful Dead. No one was in sight, just a lone speaker and Jerry Garcia’s voice billowing through the trees. Continue reading “A Tribute to Jerry Garcia”

Column: A Celebration’s Postscript: Boston 1854 and 2021

What’s that sound. It had been a late night prior, and the heavy brocade curtains in our room at Boston’s Parker House effectively muffled the outside world. But as I shook off sleep, I thought I heard… drums?

Omigod! Drums! “Dave! Wake up! The parade’s starting!”

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Column: Call It a Day

There was a time I loved Easton and my 3.6-acre property so much, I often I told my wife, “…when I die, bury me next to Sam.” It would be my honor to rest in peace alongside Sam, short for Samantha, the greatest springer spaniel known to man.

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Put the Fruit Down!

If you choose to believe Bible stories, in the beginning, along with a newly created garden paradise with its animals, bugs, birds, fish and whatnot, there were three beings, Adam, Eve and the Creator Himself. God didn’t ask or demand much from the bugs or animals, he didn’t have Continue reading “Put the Fruit Down!”

Column: Mindful of the Needs of Others

# Mindful

We’re reaching the one year mark since the beginning of the pandemic and it feels pretty natural to reflect on what kind of year it has been. I must say, 365 days later and it’s still a trying time for everyone at the moment. Well not everyone. I’m sure my cat is enjoying Continue reading “Column: Mindful of the Needs of Others”

Live and Learn for Goodness Sake!

In my coveted Covid solitude I’ve been forced to do things I wouldn’t normally do. There’s been introspection, meditation, contemplation and lots of word games. More games than I’d like to admit. That said – let us now take a closer look at the word “evolve.” Reverse the first four Continue reading “Live and Learn for Goodness Sake!”

Industrial Arts Teacher Leaves a Legacy

A Tribute to Mr. Gass

Though I’ve lived in Connecticut three quarters of my life I’ve always considered myself a transplanted New Yorker. There weren’t many “New Yorkers” during my nearly 33-year teaching career at Helen Keller Middle School, not real New Yorkers. But when Ted Continue reading “Industrial Arts Teacher Leaves a Legacy”

Christmas Catalogue Connection

Covid might have derailed holiday plans and traditions, but Christmas nostalgia is deeply ingrained, with triggers as varied as the scent of cinnamon, carols playing on Sonos, Dickens on my bedside table, and the L.L. Bean catalogue appearing in the mail.

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All Aboard

Robert LaValle

You’ve barely opened your eyes and the morning SOS express (not ‘save our ship’ but ‘same ol’ stuff’ or four-letter explicative) is impatiently waiting at the door of your brand new day. The conductor shouts, “All aboard” and though you would love to roll over you Continue reading “All Aboard”