Industrial Arts Teacher Leaves a Legacy

A Tribute to Mr. Gass

Though I’ve lived in Connecticut three quarters of my life I’ve always considered myself a transplanted New Yorker. There weren’t many “New Yorkers” during my nearly 33-year teaching career at Helen Keller Middle School, not real New Yorkers. But when Ted Continue reading “Industrial Arts Teacher Leaves a Legacy”

Christmas Catalogue Connection

Covid might have derailed holiday plans and traditions, but Christmas nostalgia is deeply ingrained, with triggers as varied as the scent of cinnamon, carols playing on Sonos, Dickens on my bedside table, and the L.L. Bean catalogue appearing in the mail.

With a cup of tea in Continue reading “Christmas Catalogue Connection”

All Aboard

Robert LaValle

You’ve barely opened your eyes and the morning SOS express (not ‘save our ship’ but ‘same ol’ stuff’ or four-letter explicative) is impatiently waiting at the door of your brand new day. The conductor shouts, “All aboard” and though you would love to roll over you Continue reading “All Aboard”


Robert LaValle

As soon as our ears can hear, words are translated into action.  There are all types of words. They can be powerful, playful, musical, monotonically robotic, harmful, loving, meaningful, or meaningless. Some bring joy and can make us laugh, others can make us cry Continue reading “Words”

The Cost of Ignoring Medical Advice

Olivia was a middle-aged, somewhat overweight, medium height, soft-spoken woman.  As a middle-aged, somewhat overweight, medium height, soft-spoken man, I expected nothing unusual from her. As a physician seeing her for the first time, I expected to hear an unremarkable history, Continue reading “The Cost of Ignoring Medical Advice”

Rendezvous with Destiny — A True Story

As the sun began its descent into the western winter sky, its message illuminated the great outdoors and quickly thawed the frozen crevasses of my sedentary mind. Unlike prior weeks of the worst winter in recent history, this sun beamed into our living room with undeniable force Continue reading “Rendezvous with Destiny — A True Story”

Why Our Emotions Are So Valuable

I love the smell of the air this morning. It’s a little chilly. It smells like leaves and sticks, and I know that summer is wrapping up. The allure of everything pumpkin and spice is just around the bend. I can break out my fall clothes and put away my summer dresses until the warmth Continue reading “Why Our Emotions Are So Valuable”

Beyond Us

A faint smudge between the Big Dipper and the horizon looked promising. “Is that it?” I asked my husband, Dave, hoping I had spotted the comet, Neowise.

“Yes. Yes, I think it is!” said Dave as he handed me the binoculars. Inwardly, I always sigh at this helpful offering as binoculars Continue reading “Beyond Us”

The Flag: For Country or Self?

As many did after the 9/11 attacks, my husband, Dave, and I hung an American flag on our front door. We were proud and emotional in this show of solidarity and love of country. It was particularly meaningful as the flag had belonged to Anthony Sylvestro, Dave’s father, a World War Continue reading “The Flag: For Country or Self?”

Civics 101: On Selectmen Boards

My apologies for the long absence. We are living in unusual times and I didn’t think that many people were interested in town governance as we entered the Age of COVID-19. But we adjust to everything in due time, and town business must go on. A tad late, but no less useful: a bit Continue reading “Civics 101: On Selectmen Boards”