Board of Selectmen Meeting of June 16, 2022

The Easton Board of Selectmen held its second regular meeting for the month on June 16 with First Selectman Bindelglass appearing via Zoom and Selectmen Lessler and Sogofsky present in person.

The board approved a road opening bond for property located at 18 The Circle as recommended Continue reading “Board of Selectmen Meeting of June 16, 2022”

A Place for History

“Behing the Stone Walls” Garden Tour Invitation, W. Tressler, 2002.

Twenty years ago this week, hundreds of people gathered at the Bradley-Hubbell House off Black Rock Turnpike to celebrate the recreation of its perennial flower garden and to fundraise for the historic homestead.  Continue reading “A Place for History”

Easton in the Service—A Memorial Day Tribute

Note from Easton Courier editors: As we continue to honor and mourn those who have died while serving in the United States armed forces – and in light of Easton’s Memorial Day tribute to those who served during the Vietnam War – the Courier is featuring two previously published articles, Continue reading “Easton in the Service—A Memorial Day Tribute”

A Blooming Success

Chances are you’ve noticed signs brightening up our roadsides this week advertising the May 7th Easton Garden Mart.  We’ve missed out on this fun town tradition for the past two years, but the ladies have been busy for months preparing for their return this coming Saturday at the Continue reading “A Blooming Success”

Historic Union Cemetery Needs Your Help–Go Fund Me Campaign Underway and Community Cleanup May 7

Chances are, you’ve that heard ghosts haunt Union Cemetery, one of the town’s oldest burial grounds at the corner of Sport Hill Road and Stepney Road. Believed to be the most haunted cemetery in America, it is referenced in countless publications, websites and blogs that deal with Continue reading “Historic Union Cemetery Needs Your Help–Go Fund Me Campaign Underway and Community Cleanup May 7”

Life in a Reservoir Town

In March of 1897, Curtis Thompson, a well-regarded attorney of many years in Bridgeport presented a case on behalf of the town of Easton at a judiciary committee hearing in Hartford.
At issue was Easton’s grand list that had been materially reduced when the Bridgeport Hydraulic Company Continue reading “Life in a Reservoir Town”

Proposed Ordinance Would Help Preserve Easton’s Historic Structures

For more than half a century, the Historical Society of Easton has been warning town officials that Easton’s historic homes and farm structures need to be protected from demolition.

“Prior members of our (historical society) board had approached the town about this but had consistently Continue reading “Proposed Ordinance Would Help Preserve Easton’s Historic Structures”

Preserving Easton’s Past to Share with the Future

The office of the Historical Society of Easton is tucked neatly behind our town’s public library. Most of our newest residents probably aren’t aware that we even have an office. That is something we hope to change.

As Covid-19 is at least temporarily waning, we are pushing forward Continue reading “Preserving Easton’s Past to Share with the Future”

Keep Watch for Wolves

Have you seen a wolf in Easton?  I bet you have. I don’t mean the furry kind along with the bobcats and bears we occasionally catch on our Ring cameras.  The wolf I have in mind is really a type of tree. Even though they are rare, there are quite a few here in Easton.  The term wolf Continue reading “Keep Watch for Wolves”

Signs of the Times

“Am I imagining IT, or Are Amazing Ppl In the Arts Dying every other Day?” Cher questioned recently on Twitter after hearing Marvin Lee Aday had died. Like her, I have been struck by the frequency of such news and, like many of you in the past week, I have read articles by Easton Continue reading “Signs of the Times”