Mysterious Boulder on Norton Road Sparks Online Theories

We may never know how a giant boulder wound up on Norton Road Wednesday afternoon, but there is a plenty of speculation among online sleuths and wiseguys.  

One Facebook user joked, “I see you found my kidney stone.”

Another asked, “Anyone see a Road Runner, or coyote in the Continue reading “Mysterious Boulder on Norton Road Sparks Online Theories”

Facebook Group Unites Members Through Food

On Taste of Easton & Redding Facebook’s page, you’ll find pictures of home-cooked meals, tips on where to buy the best New York-style bagels, and discussions about how to cook salmon in an air fryer.

But you won’t find posts with political views. That’s intentional. Salvatore Giardina Continue reading “Facebook Group Unites Members Through Food”

Year in Review 2020: Investigative Journalism

In an era of polarized news media, fake social media accounts, misinformation, and spin, we at the Courier pride ourselves in maintaining a high level of integrity founded on non-biased truth.

Our story: ‘Fakebook’? Suspect Account Raises Concerns was a truly collaborative effort. Continue reading “Year in Review 2020: Investigative Journalism”

‘Fakebook’? Suspect Account Raises Concerns

Over the last several years, a great deal of attention has been given to various issues surrounding social media, including the existence of fake accounts created to influence public opinion.

Facebook reports that it blocks or deletes billions of fake accounts each year. The Courier Continue reading “‘Fakebook’? Suspect Account Raises Concerns”

Former Eastonite David Carroll Featured in Netflix Documentary ‘The Great Hack’

If you told the average social media user that their data had been stolen, chances are, they probably wouldn’t be in too much of a rush to reclaim it. 

Fortunately, David Carroll is not your average social media user. 

Professor Carroll is an associate professor at the Parsons Continue reading “Former Eastonite David Carroll Featured in Netflix Documentary ‘The Great Hack’”

A Silver Lining: A Simple Act of Kindness Goes a Long Way

As seen  on Channel 12 News Thursday evening, when Easton Resident, Devon Wible, heard the news about the spread of the coronavirus, she ordered hand sanitizer online but received a box of rubbing alcohol instead.

Wible decided to make her own sanitizer, finding a recipe online recommended Continue reading “A Silver Lining: A Simple Act of Kindness Goes a Long Way”